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Saturday, October 08, 2005

This Post Sponsored by a Paid Advertiser (Except Not Really): The Best TV Show You're Not Watching (Really)

The fall TV season is officially in full swing. The Housewives are unabashedly refusing to apologize for their affairs, the Lost crew is counting down 4, 15, 16, 23, and 42 and and pushing a button every 108 minutes, Vaughn is dead or maybe not dead and everyone really, really does love Chris, but the honest-to-Deity fact of the matter is that you've already missed out on the best show on TV.

And that's Teachers, BBC America's top-notch show about a self-absorbed, sexually obsessed 23-year-old in his first "real" job, as, you may have guessed it, a teacher.

Andrew Lincoln -- who you probably recognize as Keira Knightley's reluctant worshipper in Love Actually (and, frankly, the best part of one of the worst movies I've ever seen) -- stutters and doubts and missteps through each episode, surrounded by a supporting casts of faculty members who continually provide him support and ridicule.

The show's main crutch: Lincoln's character, Simon, is just barely more mature than the students he's supposed to be guiding, which plays out to delightful (and ineffectual) effect, particularly when one of his students goes into labor.

I'm not doing this show justice; watch it for yourself.

The season finale aired in late September; if you have TiVo, set it to record every possible episode and just sit back and enjoy. Or, if that doesn't work, look for it on DVD.

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